GB/T 43148-2023

增材制造 结构轻量化设计要求

Additive manufacturing—Requirements for lightweight structure design

GB/T 43182-2023

农业社会化服务 温室建设服务规范

Agricultural service—Specification for greenhouse construction service

GB/T 43037-2023

可信性分析技术 佩特里网技术

Analysis techniques for dependability—Petri net techniques

German-Chinese Standardization Cooperation Commission

Standardization Commission

The German-Chinese Joint Committee of Industry and Trade is the most important coordinating body of the German Ministry of Economics and China's Ministry of Commerce. The Committee's main objective is to promote trade between the two nations, intensify their investment relations and strengthen technology transfer between the partners. Several working groups have been set up to address specific issues in greater detail. The group responsible for the technical rules sector is the German-Chinese Standardization Cooperation Commission. more