Food Safety

List of standards, pre-standards and projects of the taskforce "food safety - managment system" and the taskforce "food hygiene"

The wide field of food safety is covered in DIN by the Food and Agricultural Products Standards Committee (NAL). Its scope comprises i. a. the preparation of standards on the sampling and analysis of food, feed and tobacco products, standards for food hygiene requirements in connection with equipment and commodity goods, for the examination of disinfectants in the food and veterinary area, as well as for requirements and test methods for fertilizers, soil improvers and growing media. The bodies responsible for the standards, draft standards and projects listed below are the subcommittees “Food Hygiene” (NA 057-02-01 AA) and “Food Safety Management Systems” (NA 057-02-02 AA) in Technical Section 02 of NAL. At present, 46 experts representing industry, food inspection authorities, science and consumers are actively engaged in standardization in these areas.

The purpose of food hygiene and food safety standardization is to define and harmonize food hygiene requirements on the basis of the applicable legislation. Priority is here given to areas where technical and organizational factors frequently give rise to poor hygiene. Compliance with standards and the use of equipment complying with standards make it easier for those concerned to fulfil their legal obligation to exercise due care and to assume responsibility for protecting the health of consumers.

As a result of the “from farm to fork” approach implicit in European food legislation, special emphasis is increasingly being given in standardization to the field of primary production. Among the topics currently being dealt with are hygiene sluices in the animal husbandry sector and dosing systems for the oral medication of farm livestock.

Contact in DIN for both areas is: Dipl. Oec. Troph.

Standards, pre-standards and projects