Sino-German City-to-City Standardization Cooperation Seminar

Sino-German City-to-City Standardization Cooperation Seminar was held in Chengdu, China Southwest city of Sichuan province to enhance the standardization cooperation and share relevant experience between the two nations.

Presided over by SAC Vice-Administrator Guo Hui, the meeting was attended by ISO President Zhang Xiaogang, SAC Administrator Tian Shihong, Chairman of the Executive Board of DIN Christoph Winterhalter and Deputy mayor of Chengdu Tian Rong. The representatives made extensive exchanges on standardization cooperation related to the three issues of smart cities, urban sustainable development and Sino-German city-to-city project.

The standardization cooperation between the two nations has grown rapidly in recent years when the bilateral economic and trade relations achieved profound development. Therefore, it is of great significance to give full play the role of standardization in urban development for further promoting the two-sides practical cooperation and cultural exchanges, according to Tian.The Summary of Sino-German Standardization Cooperation Seminar was signed by Tian Shihong and Christoph Winterhalter during the meeting.