UHV-related Standards, Pre-Standards and Projects

In spite of a distinct increase in decentralized energy generation, there is an increasing need to transport electrical energy over very large distances from the point of generation to consumers in urban districts and industrial centres. With regard to the technology of AC transmission systems and their components, such as transformers, generators and substations, Germany is one of the world market leaders. In view of the rapid rate of climate change and the resulting need for the efficient use and transport of electrical energy the use of systems providing maximum efficiency becomes more and more important. Hitherto, raising system voltage to increase transmission capacity has been one of the solutions that may be also applied for future transmission systems with Ultra High Voltage (UHV). In addition, the development of power electronics allows the use of High Voltage DC systems in this field.

Countries in which large amounts of electrical energy must be transported over large distances require standards for AC voltages above 765 kV and DC voltages above 600 kV. Raising system voltage levels requires considerable innovations for UVH components and systems. As standards represent the state of the art, international standardization activities are required.

At national level, these activities are supported by a working group of  DKE/UK 432.2 (DKE/AK 432.2.3: "Ultra High Voltage“), in which 20 representatives from industry, the testing and measurement sector and the universities are working in close cooperation.

Person to contact at DKE  German Commission for Electrical, Electronic & Information Technologies of DIN and VDE*:

*The DKE is the German body responsible for developing standards and safety specifications for the electrical engineering, electronics and information technology sectors. The Commission represents German interests in electrical engineering, electronics and information technology at regional and international level, and as a result is responsible for standards work in the relevant standards bodies (primarily CENELEC, ETSI and IEC).

UHV-related Standards, Pre-Standards and Projects