Some tips on how to use the Portal:

The Germany-China Standards Information Portal comprises the titles and further basic data of more than 60,000 standards from both countries. The Portal is aimed to assist German and Chinese businesses by facilitating economic cooperation and trade with their respective partners through the provision of a common search function for standards and relevant links.


The standards retrieved by a search are displayed with their title in the original language and in its English translation. When searching for standards you are recommended to use English search terms as you then have access to all English titles in both databases, i. e. to the complete complement of standards.


When entering search terms, you may use more than one term or part of a term, each of which should be separated by a space. In the list of results (sorted by issuance date) all standards will be displayed that include the search terms in their title.


Example: entering "copper spectrometric method" will retrieve all standards that contain all three terms in their title.


It will often be advisable not to narrow down the search too soon, but instead to use parts of words as search terms in order not to exclude possible alternative terms or translations.



  • Entering "electr" as a search term will retrieve all titles that contain both "electric" and "electronic", while
  • "mass spectro" will retrieve  standards dealing with "mass spectrometry" as well as with "mass spectrometer" and "mass spectrometric detection"