GB/T 41172-2021


Antispasmodic ankle foot orthoses

GB/T 41183-2021


Antispasmodic wrist orthoses

GB/T 41175-2021

视力障碍者和视听障碍者用辅助器具 行人交通信号灯的声音和触觉信号

Assistive products for persons with vision impairments and persons with vision and hearing impairments—Acoustic and tactile signals for pedestrian traffic lights

German-Chinese Standardization Cooperation Commission

Standardization Commission

The German-Chinese Joint Committee of Industry and Trade is the most important coordinating body of the German Ministry of Economics and China's Ministry of Commerce. The Committee's main objective is to promote trade between the two nations, intensify their investment relations and strengthen technology transfer between the partners. Several working groups have been set up to address specific issues in greater detail. The group responsible for the technical rules sector is the German-Chinese Standardization Cooperation Commission. more