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GB/T 3977-2008


Specification of colors

GB/T 20611-2006

智能运输系统 中央数据登记簿 数据管理机制要求

Intelligent Transport System(ITS)- Central data registry - Requirements for data management mechanism

GB/T 25068.5-2010

信息技术 安全技术 IT网络安全 第5部分:使用虚拟专用网的跨网通信安全保护

Information technology - Security techniques - IT network security - Part 5: Securing communications across networks using virtual private networks

GB/T 8241-2008


Terminology for ship accommodation equipment

GB/T 21383-2008


Coefficient of initial retroreflected luminance of newly applied pavement marking and test method

GB/T 6129-2007

角度铣刀 技术条件

Technical specifications for angle cutters

GB/Z 20347-2006

草坪和园艺动力机械 操作者操纵机构 操纵力、位移量、操纵位置和方法

Powered lawn,garden and horticultural equipment - Operator controls - Actuating forces,displacement,location and methods of operation

DIN EN ISO 10248

Flüssige Düngemittel - Entlüftung von Proben einer Suspension durch Bildung eines dünnen Films (ISO 10248:1996); Deutsche Fassung EN ISO 10248:1999

Fluid fertilizers - De-aeration of suspension samples by film disentrainment (ISO 10248:1996); German version EN ISO 10248:1999

DIN EN ISO 10249

Flüssige Düngemittel - Visuelle Vorprüfung und Vorbereitung von Proben für physikalische Prüfungen (ISO 10249:1996); Deutsche Fassung EN ISO 10249:1999

Fluid fertilizers - Preliminary visual examination and preparation of samples for physical testing (ISO 10249:1996); German version EN ISO 10249:1999

GB/T 214-2007


Determination of total sulfur in coal

Number of entries (Data is updated on a monthly basis): 71008
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