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DIN EN ISO 17059

Ölsaaten - Extraktion von Öl und Herstellung von Methylester aus den Fettsäuren der Triglyceride für die Analyse durch Gaschromatographie (Schnellverfahren) (ISO 17059:2019); Deutsche Fassung EN ISO 17059:2019

Oilseeds - Extraction of oil and preparation of methyl esters of triglyceride fatty acids for analysis by gas chromatography (Rapid method) (ISO 17059:2019); German version EN ISO 17059:2019

GB 25115.1-2010

工业洗涤机械的安全要求 第1部分:通用要求

Safety requirements for industrial laundry machinery - Part 1: Commom requirements

GB/T 21209-2017

用于电力传动系统的交流电机 应用导则

AC electrical machines used in power drive systems—Application guide

GB/T 34925-2017

高原110 kV变电站交流回路系统现场检验方法

On-site inspections method of a.c. circuit systems for 110 kV substations on plateau

GB/T 20840.9-2017

互感器 第9部分:互感器的数字接口

Instrument transformers—Part 9:Digital interface for instruments transformers

GB/T 7602.4-2017

变压器油、涡轮机油中T501抗氧化剂含量测定法 第4部分:气质联用法

Quantitative determination of T501 oxidation inhibitor content in transformer oil or turbine oil—Part 4: GC/MS method

GB/T 15022.7-2017

电气绝缘用树脂基活性复合物 第7部分:环氧酸酐真空压力浸渍(VPI)树脂

Resin based reactive compounds used for electrical insulation—Part 7: Epoxy-anhydride vacuum pressure impregnation(VPI) resin

GB/T 16857.5-2017

产品几何技术规范(GPS) 坐标测量机的验收检测和复检检测 第5部分:使用单探针或多探针接触式探测系统的坐标测量机

Geometrical product specifications(GPS)—Acceptance and reverification tests for coordinate measuring machines (CMM)—Part 5:CMMs using single or multiple stylus contacting probing systems

GB/T 34509.2-2017

陆地观测卫星光学遥感器在轨场地辐射定标方法 第2部分:热红外

In-orbit field radiometric calibration for optical remote sensor of land observation satellite—Part 2:Thermal infrared

GB/T 7723-2017


Fixed location electronic weighing instrument

Number of entries (Data is updated on a monthly basis): 77846
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