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GB/T 40602.2-2021

天线及接收系统的无线电干扰 第2部分:基础测量 高增益天线方向图室内平面近场测量方法

Antennas and reception systems for radio interference—Part 2:Basic measurement—Method for near field measuring high gain antenna pattern in microwave anechoic chamber

DIN EN ISO 17450-4

Geometrische Produktspezifikation (GPS) - Grundlagen - Teil 4: Geometrische Merkmale zum Quantifizieren von GPS-Abweichungen (ISO 17450-4:2017); Deutsche Fassung EN ISO 17450-4:2018

Geometrical product specifications (GPS) - Basic concepts - Part 4: Geometrical characteristics for quantifying GPS deviations (ISO 17450-4:2017); German version EN ISO 17450-4:2018

GB/T 40663-2021


Guidelines for environmental performance evaluation in electrical and electronic enterprises

GB/T 15092.5-2021

器具开关 第2部分:手持式、可移式电动工具和园林机器开关的特殊要求

Switches for appliances—Part 2:Particular requirements for switches used in electric motor-operated hand-held tools, transportable tools and lawn and garden machinery

GB/T 3836.9-2021

爆炸性环境 第9部分:由浇封型“m”保护的设备

Explosive atmospheres—Part 9:Equipment protection by encapsulation “m”

GB/T 40661-2021


Calibration specification of measurement instrument for power frequency magnetic field

GB/T 5271.37-2021

信息技术 词汇 第37部分:生物特征识别

Information technology—Vocabulary—Part 37:Biometrics

GB/T 40780-2021


Code of geographic location identification based on OID

GB/T 2424.10-2012

环境试验 大气腐蚀加速试验的通用导则

Environmental testing - General guidance of accelerated testing for atmospheric corrosion

GB/T 2424.7-2006

电工电子产品环境试验 试验A和B(带负载)用温度试验箱的测量

Environmental tests for electric and electronic products - Measurements in temperature chambers for tests A and tests B (with load)

Number of entries (Data is updated on a monthly basis): 77905
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