DIN and SAC agree on closer cooperation

The third meeting of the sub-working group on electromobility of the German-Chinese Standardization Cooperation Commission was held in Beijing on the 5th and 6th of February 2015. The meeting addressed current issues and forms of cooperation in areas such as vehicle safety, charging systems and batteries. Discussions focussed on international cooperation and the coordination of mirrored activities at national level, and elicited great interest and an active exchange of ideas among the experts.

During the meeting SAC and DIN agreed on cooperation in various technical areas, including a detailed specification of requirements ensuring interoperability between charging stations and vehicles. It was agreed that the next steps to be taken - such as establishing responsibilities and prioritizing subjects - will be decided on during the coming weeks. The agreement also included regular communication between DIN and SAC as regards any changes to their respective standardization systems. This is especially important because the Chinese system is currently being restructured. Because e-mobility topics are so complex and interrelated, meeting participants also decided to modify the working structure of the sub-working group, which mainly involves a dissolution of the current group structure and setting up a more needs-based, workshop-like approach.

Being part of the German-Chinese Standardization Cooperation Commission, the sub-working group focusses on electromobility standardization and is led by the Standardization Administration of the Peoples Republic of China (SAC) and DIN, represented by Rüdiger Marquardt, a member of DIN's Executive Board. Around 80 persons from industry and politics took part in the Beijing meeting.