DIN and SAC sign sales agreement

At the beginning of September, DIN  and the Chinese standards body SAC signed an agreement covering the sale of German Standards in China.  Dr. Torsten Bahke, Chairman of DIN's Executive Board, and the Administrator of SAC, Tian Shihong, were the signees to the Agreement according to which DIN Standards will be able to be purchased via SAC-Info. At the same time, a repository was opened at CNIS (China National Institute of Standardization) enabling DIN Standards and other technical rules to be consulted. Available electronically, the standards can be viewed on screen. 

The agreement is another step to promote the expansion of economic ties between Germany and China. With a trade volume exceeding 140 billion euros in 2013, Germany is by far China's largest trading partner.

The signing of the agreement took place during a visit to China which also included a meeting with Dr. Zhang Xiaogang, who is currently President of the Ansteel Group Corporation and is designated to take over the presidency of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) in 2015.

The main focus of the talks was international standardization, first and foremost ISO's strategic policy as outlined in the new ISO Strategy Plan 2016-2020. Advances in technological convergence bring new challenges that also require ISO to engage in closer cooperation in both electrotechnical and non-electrotechnical fields. In an intensive dialogue, Dr. Bahke also described the expectations of German industry and  business regarding international standardization, especially in matters relating to market relevance.