China to establish unified certification system for low-carbon products

National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) and CNCA issued the document Interim Measure for Certification Management of Low-carbon Products on March 20. According to this Measure, a unified certification system for low-carbon products is to be established to standardize the certification of low-carbon products, lead low-carbon production and consumption, and advance the development of the national low-carbon industry.

Low-carbon products certification is the conformity assessment activity in which the certification authority certifies that carbon emission of certain products meets the relevant low-carbon products evaluation standards or technical specification requirements. Commonly at the international level, independent third-party institutions are employed to detect, examine, validate and certify carbon emissions of relevant products, services and processes, to control greenhouse gas emissions and guide low-carbon production and consumption.

In the light of the Measure, China will establish a unified low-carbon certification system, to implement unified low-carbon product catalogues, standards, certification technical specifications and certification rules as well as unified certificates and marks of certification. Meanwhile, the Measure regulates requirements for both organizations and individuals engaging in low-carbon product certification and detection activities, and makes clear the implementation procedures, supervision and administration requirements and relevant legal obligations.

In 2010, NDRC and CNCA launched "Research on Establishment of National Low-carbon Certification System", a special project for climate change, while The Interim Measure for Certification Management of Low-carbon Products is an important result of the research project. For now, pilot low-carbon products certification has been carried out in full swing in Guangdong Province, Chongqing Municipality and Hubei Province.
Source: "China Standardization"    updated:2013-05-20 17:21