CNCA publishes notice on revised and new standards on products on automobile and auto parts

The following 10 revised standards will be implemented into CCC scheme for products on automobile and auto parts:

- Motor vehicles-windshield demisting and defrosting systems-performance requirements and test
- Strength requirement and test of automobile seats head restraints   
- External projections of passenger car
- Internal projections of passenger car
- Brake hose-structure, performance and test methods
- Lead-acid battery electric road vehicles
- Auto care wheel plate
- The stipulation protecting drivers from Beijing injured by motor vehicle steering mechanism
- Motor vehicles-hood latch system
- Limits and measurement methods- radio disturbance characteristics on vehicles, boats and internal
  combustion engine driven devices

There are 13 new standards will be implemented into CCC scheme for products on automobile and auto parts.
- Roof Crush resistance of passenger cars
- Static roll stability test method for motor vehicles
- The maker for school bus
- The strength of seats and their anchorages of special school bus for school children
- Safety technical requirement of special primary school bus
- Rear-marking plates for vehicles and their trailers
- Automotive headlamps with LED light source and/or LED module
- Electric vehicles-windshield demisters and defrosters system-performance requirements and test
- Fuel cell electric vehicles: safety requirements
- Electric vehicles: symbols controls, indicators and tell-tall
- Front under run protective requirements for commercial vehicle
- The protection of the occupants of the cab of a commercial vehicle
- Electric vehicle conductive charging system- general requirement

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(Source: SESEC Report 12/2011)