Electromobility - DIN SPEC 70121 published

Requirements for communications between electric vehicles and charging stations

Electric vehicles can be charged either in the alternating current (AC) or direct current (DC) mode. Because the latter is not only the faster of the two modes but also has a number of advantages, DC charging is the focus of the new DIN Specification, DIN SPEC 70121 "Electromobility - Digital communication between a DC EV charging station and an electric vehicle for control of DC charging in the Combined Charging System".

DIN SPEC 70121 defines requirements for the communications between the electric vehicle (EV) and the charging station, or "EVSE" (Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment), forming a basis for ensuring uniform communications during DC charging processes. The specification will be of interest to automobile manufacturers, energy suppliers, and producers and suppliers of charging stations, for example. It supports the "Combo" charging mode as in IEC 61851 favoured by many countries, including Germany, and lays down requirements along the lines of those contained in the ISO/IEC 15118 international standards series on vehicle-to-grid communications which is currently under development. DIN SPEC 70121 specifies requirements for the various use cases defined in ISO/IEC DIS 15118-1 and covers data transfer protocols, data field content, and the necessary hardware controls.

DIN SPEC 70121 is available from the Beuth Webshop.

About "DIN SPECs"
One of the major principles of standardization is consensus, i.e. general agreement on the content of a standard through a process that takes account of the points of view of all parties concerned and in which any conflicting arguments are reconciled. But reaching full consensus of all parties takes time. For highly innovative fields, DIN has introduced a new standards deliverable that can be drawn up in a less formal and much faster process - the "DIN SPEC", or "DIN Specification". Because they reach the market faster, DIN SPECs provide a head start that can push the knowledge and technology transfer of innovations.

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