Industry pushes for the deployment of electromobility

Second version of the German "Standardization Roadmap" adopted

The automotive and electrical industries - two key German industrial sectors – have taken an important step towards achieving uniform international standards for electromobility. Experts from leading associations in these areas have developed standards proposals which will ensure the safe connection of electric vehicles to the smart grid. Summarized in the form of a "roadmap", these proposals will form a basis for being able to charge electric vehicles during times when the energy demand is low, accelerating and facilitating the integration of renewable energies.

The description of these fundamental proposals is the main component of the second edition of the "German Standardization Roadmap for Electromobility" which has been adopted by the DKE German Commission for Electrical, Electronic & Information Technologies of DIN and VDE, by DIN, the German Institute for Standardization, and by the German Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA). Under the leadership of the DKE, experts from the relevant industry associations have come to an agreement on the standards needed to develop future innovative concepts for the fast, safe charging of electric cars at home and on the road. The Roadmap also deals with data protection to ensure that personal data is not gathered or transferred during the charging process.

The experts stressed the fact that uniform global standards for all partners involved in the deployment of electromobility are needed for a rapid penetration of the market. It is essential that the interests of the user be brought into the forefront as well. With the support of the government, the associations are therefore pushing for a worldwide acceptance of and participation in the "Standardization Roadmap". An international harmonization of technical standards is particularly essential for the charging infrastructure, the authors of the second Roadmap version say. It must always be possible to charge any vehicle regardless of its make or location.
Standards and specifications are indispensable for the safe, smooth and rapid introduction of electromobility for they guarantee the use of standard interfaces between the vehicle and charging poles, for example, as well as a consistently high quality ranging from vehicle production to its daily use.

The first version of the Roadmap, issued in Fall 2010 by Working Group 4 of the National Platform for Electromobility (NPE), covered the crucial tasks and aims for electromobility standardization. Version 2 is an expanded revision of the 2010 document.

The second version of the German Standardization Roadmap for Electromobility can be downloaded here (currently available in German only).