A fundamental basis for European industry

Dr. Torsten Bahke, DIN Director, met EU Energy Commissioner G?nther Oettinger in Brussels on 23 February 2011

Dr. Torsten Bahke, Director of DIN, met EU Energy Commissioner Günther Oettinger in Brussels on 23 February 2011. According to Oettinger "Standards are essential for selling European products on the world market. I consider the standardization of important components, solutions and systems to be a basis for the survival of European industry. For lowering costs internally and for developing markets externally." As regards the European Commission's "standardization package" which is expected soon, Commissioner Oettinger said that the European standardization system should be faster, better and more flexible.

Dr. Torsten Bahke spoke with Commissioner Oettinger and with cabinet members of other European Commissioners about the up-coming standardization package, which will include a strategy paper and a resolution on European standardization which will replace the current EU Directive and Council Decisions on that topic. Bahke emphasized the necessity of maintaining and strengthening the national delegation principle, i.e. involving the direct participation of all stakeholders at national level. The Public Consultation carried out by the Commission - in which numerous German individuals and associations took part – led to the result that for all interest groups, especially small and medium size businesses, the consensus-building process at national level is a fundamental basis for European standardization.

Dr. Bahke also presented a paper describing the joint position of the German technical associations BDI and BITKOM, and of DIN and the DKE on ICT aspects in the context of the review of the European standardisation system

EU Commissioner Antonio Tajani intends to present the standardization package to the European Council and European Parliament in mid-April 2011.