The 2010 DIN Prize Awards Ceremony

On the 18th of November 2010 six DIN Prizes were awarded at the annual "Weltfaktor Normung" (Standardization: A global factor) ceremony held by DIN in Berlin.

The "Benefits of Standardization" prize went to SASE GmbH, Iserlohn, for its entry dealing with large waste containers. In his winning entry, Dirk Wiegand describes changes in the business world and in consumer behaviour which have lead to the development of a new type of refuse bin. He also illustrated the extent to which the worldwide success of the large waste container can be attributed to national and European standardization.

DIN awarded a special "Science" prize for a doctoral dissertation by Dr. Axel Mangelsdorf for which he had received a "summa cum laude" from the HARTING Graduate Programme "Mittelstand und Innovation" at the TU Berlin. In five empirical studies in essay form on standards and standardization, Dr. Mangelsdorf presents the results of his analyses at both company and sector level. At company level, two essays look into the importance of participation in standardization and the application of standards for service providers. Two further essays address the incentives of involvement in standards work and the strategic motives for work in standards committees for manufacturing companies. The essay dealing with the sector level describes the role of standards in bilateral trade between China and the European Union.

In the "Young Science" competition four prizes were awarded for academic theses:

Anne Konrad (TU Berlin) researched the relationship between standardization and innovation. Her theoretical considerations of the effects of standards on innovations are supplemented by an empirical analysis of data on standardization and innovation activities in manufacturing.

Bettina Palka (University of Applied Sciences Kaiserslautern) investigated the involvement of occupational health and safety organizations in national and supranational standardization and identified various measures for improving their participation.

Maciej Paluszynski (Potsdam University) carried out an empirical analysis of the effects of standards on trade between Poland and Germany between 1995 and 2008 on the basis of bilateral foreign trade data.
Jens Viebranz (Hamburg University of Applied Sciences) identified and evaluated current solutions for the "all electric" vehicle. This evaluation forms the basis for a development strategy ranging from the remaining necessary research to market introduction, which can be supported by standardization at the R&D phase.

This year saw the tenth DIN Prize awards ceremony and the eleventh "Weltfaktor Normung" event in which DIN highlights the significance of standardization for the global market.