The Federal Economics Ministry joins international initiatives for the development of climate-friendly energy technologies

During the two-day Clean Energy Ministerial Meeting in Washington D.C., the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology joined three international initiatives today which are aimed at developing and disseminating climate-friendly energy technologies.

At the summit meeting chaired by the US Secretary of Energy Steven Chu, high-ranking government representatives from 24 important industrial and emerging economies met to seek forward-looking ways of cooperation in the field of international energy policy. In addition to the implementation of energy and climate policy goals, the conference aims to create new markets for low-emission energy sources and to enhance energy efficiency through project-based cooperation with industry.

The objective of the three initiatives which the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology has joined is to cooperate internationally to increase the energy efficiency of products, to develop the electric mobility sector and to make further progress in carbon capture, use and storage (CCS).

The Parliamentary State Secretary at the Federal Ministry of Economics Hans-Joachim Otto said in Washington: "Today's Clean Energy Ministerial Meeting has shown how important it is to work together at an international level for the implementation of a cost-effective and target-oriented sustainable energy policy. I am pleased that we have joined three important initiatives today. Taking part in these initiatives, German will be able to learn from the experience of other countries and to continue to strengthen its international top position in the development of low-emission energy technologies."

The Clean Energy Ministerial Meeting, which is taking place in Washington from 19 - 20 July for the first time, is planned to establish itself as a forum for cooperation in energy policy and will be convened once a year at different places worldwide.

(Source: BMWi)