EU-wide standards for electric mobility making headway

Federal Economics Minister Brüderle: "Today is a good day for electric mobility in Europe"
Today in Brussels, European Commission Vice President Antonio Tajani issued a mandate to the European standardisation organisations CEN, CENELEC and ETSI to develop EU-wide standards for a uniform electric vehicle charging system.

Federal Minister of Economics and Technology Rainer Brüderle stated: "Common standards are decisive for the future of electric mobility, because they are essential for the development of a single market for electric vehicles. Standards ensure, for example, that electric cars can travel across borders in Europe. The issue of standardised chargers is just one of many. Other key aspects include uniform standards for batteries as well as security standards. For this reason, I expressly welcome the fact that Commissioner Tajani has provided the European standardisation organisations with a mandate to develop common standards for a uniform charging system for electric vehicles. I now expect speedy results from the standardisation institutions and the involved companies."

German companies are actively involved in the responsible European standardisation bodies. For example, based on preliminary work performed by German companies and standardisation organisations, a proposal for standardised charging plugs for electric vehicles was submitted to international standardisation bodies. The German model is the most universal model available at present, because it can be used with normal household connections as well as with three-phase current connections.
(Source: BMWi)