Corporate talks in St. Petersburg

On 21 May 2009, 60 participants attended a meeting of the Baden-Baden Corporate Talks Group in St. Petersburg to gain first-hand information on technical regulation in the Russian Federation. The head of the Federal Agency for Technical Regulation and Metrology of the Russian Federation, Professor Grigory Elkin, explained the new concept, which involves the further development of GOST R certification.

The day before the meeting, DIN Director Dr. Torsten Bahke and the Managing Director of DIN GOST TÜV, Gerd Slapke, met with Professor Elkin to exchange views and continue the traditionally excellent relations that exist between the standards organizations. The meeting was hosted by Prof. Dr. Vladimir Valentinovic Okrepilov, the Director General of the St. Petersburg Regional Centre for Testing and Certification – (Test-St. Petersburg).

As part of the new concept, eight Technical Regulations have so far been accepted as Federal Laws of the Russian Federation. These Regulations contain the essential safety requirements for groups of products such as dairy products, fruit juices, fuels and children's toys. Furthermore, Russia has undertaken to harmonize its national standards with ISO and IEC Standards. The percentage of harmonized standards has risen from 18 % in 1997 to 41 % in 2008, but is considerably higher in some sectors, such as electrical equipment