Premier Li: High standards to upgrade Made-in-China

Premier Li stressed at a State Council executive meeting on April 6 that advanced standards should be adopted to upgrade China’s manufacturing industries.
According to the Premier, forging advanced manufacturing industries with high standards is an important part of structural reforms, especially supply-side reform, which helps improve supply, expand demand, and promote medium-to-high end manufacturing industry.
"Efforts should be made to boost consumers' confidence in ‘Made-in-China’ products and promote international competitiveness of manufacturing industries by improving their quality and efficiency,” he said.
The focus of the executive meeting was on "improving manufacturing industry standards”. But Premier Li also stressed “quality".
"Standards and product quality are closely connected. We must have advanced standards as backup to manufacture high-quality products. On the other hand, the purpose of promoting equipment manufacturing standards is to improve the quality of consumer goods and expand domestic and international markets,"he said.
He noted that backward standards and medium-to-low end product quality is a major reason that China is now only a manufacturing country and not an advanced manufacturer.
He asked related departments to further improve industry standards and speed up standard upgrades to promote technology and product innovation. We need to keep opening up and offering consumers more choices, urging upgrades of “Made-in-China”. The final goal is to stimulate the domestic manufacturing industry, create more jobs for sustained development with standards that are more compatible with market demands.