The DIN Group

As a non-profit organization, DIN's main task is to develop technical rules for the benefit of society as a whole. The DIN Group is organized so that a clear line is drawn between standardization on one side and business activities on the other. The activities of DIN's subsidiaries and associated companies are profit-oriented. Their income provides most of the funding for DIN's not-for-profit core activities.


DIN Software GmbH
DIN Software is a 100% subsidiary of DIN and responsible for maintaining the DIN Group's databases, the largest being the DITR database of bibliographical data, the largest database for standards information worldwide. DIN Software is the global leader in the provision of standards data for standards-related business processes in companies and also supports their optimization via professional information platforms.

Beuth Verlag GmbH
Beuth Verlag, founded in 1924, is one of the largest technical and scientific publishing houses in. In addition to the founding partners DIN and VDI (Society of German Engineers), many other industrial and scientific organizations delegate their publishing work to Beuth. The Austrian Standards Institute (ON) and the Swiss Association for Standardization (SNV) have been shareholders of Beuth since 1993. Proceeds from sales of standards and other publications are used to help finance DIN's standardization activities. Over 220,000 national and international standards and more than 50,000 titles from over 40 organizations across the world can be supplied at short notice. It is not only possible to search DIN Standards, but they can also be downloaded as pdf files by registered users at "myBeuth".

Associated Companies

DIN CERTCO is the certification body of DIN and the TÜV Rhineland Group, dealing with all aspects of conformity assessment and providing certification services for a wide range of products, services, qualified enterprises and personnel

DIN GOST TÜV Berlin-Brandenburg GmbH
DIN GOST TÜV, founded as a joint company of DIN and the TÜV Rhineland Group, offers certification, registration and approval services for products exported to the Russian Federation and CIS countries.

DQS Holding GmbH
Among their many international activities, DQS and the international DQS Group support businesses by providing impartial, expert and internationally recognized management system certification services based on international standards and norms. DQS clients worldwide are guided towards "Business Excellence" by means of customized solutions, qualified audits and support from a committed staff.

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